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Siri doesn’t like Google Glass?

The popular Siri app for iOS differs from the similar ones in that it provides useful and interesting answers. What makes Siri different is that it gets annoyed when it is called other devices. This is such a highlight from Apple.

GRAM for Mobile

At the presentation of the smartphone LG G2, many interesting features were demonstrated in terms of software. But the most unusual and interesting solution is the implementation of GRAM memory in mobile devices. LG was the first to introduce this technology in smartphones. GRAM (Graphic Random Access Memory – Graphic RAM), according to LG, will reduce the power consumption of the screens of mobile devices (in this case, LG G2) by 26%. It sounds like a fantasy, but is it real?

Ubuntu OS for smartphones from Canonical

The world-famous Ubuntu laptop operating system will soon be available for mobile devices. Canonical officially announced that it is going to release a mobile version of Ubuntu, thereby competing in the market for such monsters as iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Canonical also mentioned that at CES 2013 they will showcase their Ubuntu smartphone on board.

Popular Chrome browser now on Android

Google on its blog announced a beta version of the popular Chrome browser for tablets and smartphones running on the Android operating system. Like the computer version of the Chrome browser, the mobile version is built on the JavaScript V8 engine and supports hardware graphics acceleration. Also, the mobile browser inherited the omnibox function, which allows you to enter in the address bar not only the url of sites, but the words to search.

Screenshots Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The network got screenshots of the new operating system for smartphones and tablets Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich. By someone’s oversight, screenshots were posted and after a while they were deleted. Readers managed to save screenshots and re-posted their worldwide Internet. Announcement of the new Android operating system on October 11, 2011. The new version of Android 4 looks very nice and unusual.